IX5000 First Time Setup Interaction & Visual Design

IX5000 is Cisco System's flagship immersive telepresence system. With three massive screens and theatre quality audio, the IX5000 is designed for the boardroom with fit and finish to match. One of the big value adds to this new product is its streamlined installation.

Project Description

I designed a browser-based First Time Setup that walks a user through the steps of calibrating the IX5000.

The design allows users to

  • Continue configuring the unit even if some tests fail or are skipped
  • Offers a visual summary of progress via color coded icons

Additionally, the design meets the requirements of being in the same visual design family as related administration interfaces and adheres Cisco’s UX & brand identity guidelines.

Assets and high-fidelity wireframes detailing interaction and user flows were handed off to engineering.

Process Spotlight

The original design simply had a "Start Setup Tests" button on the hardware set up screen, there were no progress indicators during the setup sequence.

Original Design (starting point)

As any test could be accessed in any order, there was a risk that not all tests would be run and the unit could fail to operate as intended thus a directed walkthrough for first time setup was indicated.

Thumbnail sketches showing first two design revs. I quickly whiteboard these in meetings as illustrations to stimulate team discussion and as notes to myself for followup action.

After discussions with engineering it was noted that some but not all tests were dependent upon the successful completion of previous tests. Initially, Engineering wanted to end the set up sequence upon failure of any test but we successfully advocated a use case in which the user would want to complete as many tests as possible before contacting support. This required the UI to display an overview of test outcomes (a laundry list of of pass/skip/fail).

Cisco has high standards for wireframes, so the next step is on to high-fidelity mockups. Because of my dual UX/Visual design role there, graphics used in mockups might end up as assets for the final product. I use Illustrator to create resizable vector graphics that can be added to the corporate design library for future repurposing.

Working out the details of how to indicate passed, failed, and skipped tests

I also created the icon for First Time Setup.

Project Details

Client: Cisco Systems
Usage: Shipped with product
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint