Media app for Wireless Plus Interaction Design

I designed Kindle Fire, iOS and Android media server interfaces for Seagate's Wireless Plus.

Project Description

The Wireless Plus is a portable hard drive that creates its own wireless access point and acts as a media server. Its primary use case is as an expanded storage accompaniment to mobile devices, as such it needs to present the same set of media server features to a variety of mobile operating systems using those OSs native look and feel. The Wireless Plus's software was also required to share a family resemblance to another product, the GoFlex Satellite. I created high fidelity wireframes of the media server interface for the Kindle Fire followed by designs for the iOS and Android small and large screen versions. These designs were incorporated in apps available in Apple's App Store, Amazon's Appstore and Google Play.

Additionally, I also created several dozen default thumbnail images and in several cases supplied original photography, these thumbnails are used to help users quickly visually identify genres of music and movies when organizing content and ship with the Wireless Plus.

Process Spotlight

One of the more interesting challenges was working out how to present robust file handling features such as copy and move on small screens.

Excerpt from a very long document showing early wireframes.

Wireframes were later expanded into pixel perfect mockups in Fireworks, which allowed assets for Engineering to be spun off.

Project Details

Client: Seagate Technology
Usage: Shipped with product
Tools: Adobe Fireworks