Broken Thumbs Apps

Zombie Duck Hunt 2 UX & Game Design

Tutorial flow which introduces game features to new players over the course of the first few levels of play.

Project Description

In BTA's start-up environment, I wore many hats which allowed me to:

  • develop persona profiles to target game features
  • collaborate on game feature development
  • design the app's interaction via wireframes
  • perform user testing with paper and live prototypes
  • analyze Flurry user data to adjust the discoverability of features
  • create character bibles and mission stories and write all in-game text
  • write and maintain help prompts and documentation

Zombie Duck Hunt 2 is BTA's (now under the banner of Digital Press Publishing) most downloaded app and is available for download in the Apple App Store.

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Project Details

Client: Broken Thumbs Apps
Usage: Shipped product
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, BBEdit