Cinequest/Warner Bros

Licensed Collectibles Product & Visual Design

Cinequest is a pop culture collectibles retailer that decided to expand into creating their own licensed products. I created designs for several of their product lines, including those for the CW Television series, Supernatural and Veronica Mars.

Project Description

Using frame captures from episodes of the shows as reference, I created prototype sketches capturing the essence of each character during an iconic moment. After the sketches were approved by Cinequest and Warner Bros, they were sent to a skilled sculptor.

While the sculpts went through the approval process, I worked on the retail packaging design. To keep packaging costs low, we decided to avoid using window cutaways. However, this meant prospective brick & mortar retail buyers would not be able to see the product without removing it from the box. Because the condition of the box factors into a collectible's value, we wanted to minimize the amount of wear and tear caused by a buyer opening the box to look at the sculpture. The visual design I created for the boxes shows detailed photographs of the sculpture within mapped to the corresponding box side so the buyer has a sense of the piece while turning the box in their hands and allows the retailer to stack the boxes in a POP display showing each side simultaneously.

The licensed collectibles market is very brand sensitive, so I created designs for the packaging to build brand identity for Cinequest's new product line. This visual identity needed to work across CW shows of varying genres and also fit the market demographics profile of the typical collectibles buyer.

To market the sculpture line, I designed marketing and sales collateral which included magazine ads, sell sheets, web banners, and tradeshow booth displays. These designs appeared in Epic Magazine and San Diego Comic-Con, among other venues.

Project Details

Client: Cinequest/Warner Bros
Usage: Retail products
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop